Get Control of Your Acne Breakouts

Oh shoot! I have a breakout again, this is so frustrating. I tried my best to be acne free tried to read and did a web search to make me more aware and be informed of what acne is. I was overwhelmed by what I have read. Acne is so prevalent that it affects almost 85 percent of people in the world from puberty to adult gets affected by it. You can easily conclude that this condition affects virtually everyone. It is important that I understand this information because this will help me in finding a successful cure.

Having acne is a bit mysterious, according to a recent post of a website, you can’t know exactly what the exact cause of acne is. According to the site I read, acne can be hormonal, hygienic and diet caused. It mainly not one reason for getting acne, usually it is a number of reasons that go together and form the condition.

It is hormonal because is primary fueled by hormones. If your got hormonal imbalance there is a greater chance of getting acne. Getting into puberty cause your hormones to flare up, that is why most of acne starts on your teenage years.

It is hygienic. Acne can be cause by dirt. This dirt together with oil in your pores gets stuck in it and when bacteria goes into these pores, boom you got acne. It is highly advice to keep yourself clean, wash your face thoroughly but gently. Always keep clean those things in your house that gets contact with your face like pillows and others, because interacting with these things can transfer the bacteria from and to your skin when you get contact.

And then there is diet. Again, diet is a major contributor of acne. There are certain foods like nuts and gluten that when eaten aggravates acne. There contents on these foods that nurtures acne. Experts are divided though when it comes to diet as a reason for acne. But an average person can testify that I just eaten this, and I got breakouts on the next day.

No matter what the reason for my acne, I will try my best to follow the do’s and avoid the don’t so that I can minimize or even get rid of my acne.